"The Sushi Chef to provide lunch and diners with fine food, but in a casual non-pretentious environment. A carefully curated special menu of ever-changing food items, and a wide range of common and rare Japanese Sake and Wine supplement the experience. We believe in creating food that is value for money to our diners."

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About Us

Sushi Chef brand providing the highest quality packaged sushi and ready to heat/made to order hot Asian food. We are a multi-channel business that allows us the ability to provide exclusive and unique relationships with our business partners and in turn create the perfect menu for our customers.

We operate over 4+ locations in a variety of business channels providing “made fresh, on site daily” products prepared and packaged for grab & go meal solutions.

  • Grocery
  • University & College Campus
  • Hospital Food Courts
  • Airports
  • Quick Service Restaurants in Shopping Malls & Food Courts
  • Our Goal

Our Brand Portfolio

Sushi Chef – sushi products and hot Asian foods made fresh, on site daily by Sushi chefs at one of our 4 retail locations

We have Maki, Sushi, Sashimi, California Roll, Maki Slim, Temaki, Tobiko Roll, Fresh Maki Roll, Egg Maki, Avocado Roll, Some kind for drinking

Proprietary products to compliment our core product offering and/or allow you to prepare your own sushi at home. Items include soy sauce, wasabi, ginger, rice, seaweed sheets, green tea, spicy mayo sauce, goma dressing.